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Since 1995 EIG Inc. (dba Escalante Inc.) has taken advantage of its background in languages and understanding of international markets and cultures to create a unique global brand that has been carefully honed to offer three areas of expertise: Destination Services, Foreign Languages and Consulting.

Escalante Inc. provides personalized destination services to the international tour and travel trade. By carefully tailoring products to meet the ever-changing demands of its diverse international customer base, it created for itself a unique niche in the tour and travel market: personalized concierge-style on-site customer assistance, tour guides, and escorts, packaged and tailor-made touring programs for VIP and distinguished visitors. By exploiting its in-depth knowledge of US regions, and applying a fearless attitude to seeking out a new and exciting product, Escalante pride's itself in a white-glove service that exemplifies its primary mission of treating each client as if they were their only customer.

Understanding international business is a key component to Escalante Inc.'s success in its language service offerings. With over 2000 international translators and interpreters, each specifically chosen for their field of expertise, US corporate clients are assured their product is well represented through the knowledge and expertise of each subject-specific translator team. Escalante's translators and interpreters provide language services for the insurance, financial, scientific/technical, human resource, and gaming communities throughout the US corporate environment.

Escalante's consulting service ranges from an advisory role to municipalities who face challenges in their destination tourism, to consulting for non and for-profits who seek advice and counsel in the areas of economic development and/or tourism. EIG has addressed such large-scale projects as National Park infrastructure proposals to non-profit assistance with ground-breaking new concepts and ideas to enhance the well-being of their constituents through revenue-generating strategies.

Desiree Stokes Blum - CEO and Owner of EIG Inc. (dba Escalante Inc.) By integrating her in-depth cultural, foreign language, and international working experience, Desiree Stokes Blum has been a pioneer in the development of many innovative b2b programs, and products that are now recognized as mainstream to the US international inbound travel industry. After taking over a financially challenged Escalante International in 1995, Stokes Blum moved the company's focus from Japan-centric to a global arena, serving international and domestic tour and travel companies with innovative packages and programming that integrated the needs of international travelers with an introduction to the American West.

Today, Stokes Blum uses this same expertise as a consultant to help governmental agencies and private industry to understand the US international inbound tourism industry and associated issues relating to the promotion of US tourism, immigration, US security, use of Federal lands, and international trade and commerce.

Desiree assists local communities to overcome their tourism challenges. Using her years of expertise she helps towns and cities design new paths to success within the tourism sector, including identifying valuable funding resources. Desiree often recommends localities integrate their tourism efforts with their economic development services. Stokes Blum believes that through partnership communities may enjoy a faster and longer-term success rate.

Desiree shares her extensive background through her volunteerism with associations and non-profits. As a former International Inbound Travel Association (IITA) member and Government Affairs Chair, she was responsible for spearheading the Association's dialogue with Capitol Hill and the Department of Commerce, representing a $226B industry. For her efforts, in 2012, the International US Inbound Tour Operator Association (IITA, formerly RSA) presented Desiree with the prestigious Stanley Award as the industry leader who..." promotes excellence and professionalism in the international inbound tourism market".

Desiree Stokes Blum is a US Citizen, speaks four languages and spent over 20 years living and working outside the United States. Her last foreign assignment was with Honeywell Aerospace and Defense at their European Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, before joining Escalante in 1991 and subsequent taking over of the company. She is a regular guest lecturer to Universities, Conferences, and Trade Organizations on US tourism and tourism-related subjects.

Stephen Blum - Co-owner Stephen Blum, UK-qualified Chartered Accountant (F.C.A.) passed away August 2nd, 2014. Because of his extensive business experience, Stephen Blum was instrumental in developing Escalante into the prominent position it now holds within the international US inbound tourism arena. He shared his passion and expertise as a regular guest lecturer to Universities, Conferences, and trade organizations. Stephen Blum spoke four languages and spent over 43 years living, and working, in various European countries.