With deep roots and expertise in the area called the US West, ranging from the mountains of Colorado to the coastline of California, Escalante considers itself to be the discrete onsite representative of the US inbound tour operator and international travel trade. As such, we can be counted on to deliver seamless concierge-style services without clients ever realizing who is “behind the curtain” managing their activities.

Airport transfers, City-to-City transfers, handicap accessible rental vehicles, privatized drop-off and pickup of rental vehicles, and van rentals with foreign language driver guides are among the many diverse transportation offerings Escalante makes available throughout the US West.

Escalante is also the unique provider of the Deuce Pass, a 24/7 hop-on/hop-off bus system Las Vegas Strip. Passes are available for purchase on a bulk basis to be included in fly drive, group itinerary or city package programs.

Show and Event Ticketing
Escalante publishes a Las Vegas Show Ticket Planner that provides information and pricing for the most sought after shows in Las Vegas. Using its’ extensive database of contacts within this industry, it also welcomes ad hoc requests by the international tour and travel trade for US-wide sports, event and show ticketing.

Las Vegas Weddings
Las Vegas is renowned for weddings, and Escalante delivers a large assortment of wedding chapel packages in our Las Vegas Wedding Planner. Information, and pricing, including foreign language and American sign language interpreter services, have been carefully curated for the international tour and travel trade.

Native Lands
Escalante’s Native Lands Planner offers information about key activities managed and owned by Native Americans in the US Southwest. With an in-depth knowledge of the region, Escalante can assist in developing driving itineraries and/or recommend individual experiences for those wanting to better understand our Native American culture.

Dude Ranches
Dude Ranches are an integral part of Escalante’s expertise of the USA West. As each Dude Ranch is unique, it has become and artform to match individuals and families to a western destination that meets their expectations. Whether looking for a weeklong or a simple overnight experience, adult-only or child-friendly venue, a desert or mountain destination, it takes an experienced company like Escalante, to ensure a perfect Dude Ranch match.

Itinerary Development
With 27+ years experience within the US West, Escalante is renowned for helping the international tour and travel trade to develop tailormade itineraries for their clients. Whether it be a family who wishes to self-drive; a group wanting a foreign language guided tour; or a tour operator needing assistance selecting elements for a program, Escalante will tailor each response to meet the financial and targeted challenges presented.

Ad Hoc Requests
When US inbound tour operators (receptive operators) and the international travel trade have ad hoc requests, they turn to Escalante who offers a reputation of delivering discrete, consistent and successful concierge-style services. Whether seeking out a partner to deliver white glove service for a VIP client, assist in developing group/incentive projects, or simply needing help addressing a difficult request on behalf of a client, Escalante has become a steadfast and reliable partner who can deliver.

If you are a valid international tour and travel entity or US inbound tour operator we invite you to gain access to Escalante’s proprietary information by clicking here.